Wilderness Calling Concept Website

Wilderness Calling was a semester-long assignment that involved creating a concept that is content driven. The brand and subject are to exist within a printed publication as well as some form of online presence. Wilderness Calling is the idea of being able to share your experiences in the wilderness rather than showcase the latest cabin trends or hiking gear. The content is intended to come mostly from user submission with some curated content as well. Featured here are the homepage, photo album, and stories viewport.

I wanted to bring in the tactile feel of the wilderness with the vintage look of an old distressed journal or photo album. This was done with the use of wood textures, distressed paper textures, and photo corners for all of the photos. The structure of the site works off of tags that will gather all related content once the user has entered into stories or photos which creates a constant stream of information the user is interested in—thus keeping the attention of the user for extended periods of time.

  • Project Type: Web Design / Publication
  • Format: Desktop Website
  • Year: 2014