Trekpoint Mobile App

Working as a team is crucial when developing large scale projects much like this one. The goal of this project was to create a mobile app that utilizes the newest and upcoming technology found in the average smart phone. Trekpoint is a fitness-based app that functions as more of an interactive and competitive game. The technology is based off of GPS to track the users position while utilizing the upcoming technology of augmented reality glasses (ARG) similar to Google Glass.

The app allows users to participate in checkpoint-based races located around their current city with the option to participate via running, cycling, or roller blading. The simple interface allows for quick setup of races and minimizes the chances of entering incorrect commands. Some of the options include: inviting friends, creating new races, and sharing across major social networking sites. Click the link to launch the Invision prototype.

Role in project: Concept Development / User Interaction / Invision Prototyping

  • Project Type: App Design / Concept Development
  • Format: Mobile App
  • Invision Link: Launch Invision App
  • Year: 2014