Red River College Clothing Concepts

During my internship at Red River College, my main project was to develop some new concepts for the clothing sold in the RRC Bookstore. The goal was to avoid breaking the rules of the branding standards of the college while creating fresh and dynamic styles that would appeal more to the student body. Featured are a set of unique customized typographic treatments that bring a more modern and youthful look to the RRC brand while still representing the roots of the college.

The Photoshop renderings were created as a more drastic approach to building a line around the Rebel Athletics teams while still appealing to the overall student body. The story of the rebel is portrayed through a series of elements of chaos and mayhem with the bull being the centre of it all. The visuals were rendered to take on a more constructivist approach reminiscent of the soviet era.

Creative Direction: Bill Acheson

Artistic Direction: Ezra Reimer

  • Project Type: Apparel Design
  • Format: Vector Illustration / Photoshop Rendering
  • Year: 2014