Ouzo 12 Redesign

Being Greek myself, the Ouzo 12 brand is very familiar to myself and my family. The Ouzo 12 brand has been around for a very long time and is the most popular brand of ouzo worldwide. Through my research into the brand I also learned that Ouzo 12 is considered a premium brand and in it's current state, this is not being portrayed correctly. My considerations included two fundamental components: to establish the brand as a more premium selection; staying familiar to the current audience while attracting a new audience in the process. The Greek culture has always been on the trendy side and this also played a factor in using elements of classic Greek culture that would relate with the general public that are interested in sampling a bit of the culture.

The number 12 has always been prominent and I made sure to keep it that way which will always be the first and foremost element in the hierarchy for the brand. I built a colour palette that incorporates more luxurious hues and also separates this brand from the others in the same category. A texture was then added to the label to give a more tactile feel. A new bottle was sourced out that embodied a more luxurious feel as well making this a successful execution.

  • Project Type: Package Design / Branding / Identity
  • Format: Digital Rendering / Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Year: 2014