Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

As part of developing my campaign and branding strategies, we were tasked with choosing a music festival and developing all the elements that would be found in the advertising campaign for the coming year. The first wing of the assignment was to develop the new theme graphics for the festival itself. My research into jazz lead me to develop a theme based around neon signs. Jazz venues are typically found off the beaten path and often utilize some form of neon signage to draw attention. Everyone knows jazz involves instruments, so I felt it was unnecessary to go in that direction. The colour palette was based around the common colours found in neon signs—that being bold and bright hues of scarlet reds, magenta, and cyan.

The supporting pieces of the campaign also incorporate this colour palette as well as the use of busy nightlife scenes. The goal was to attract a younger audience to the festival as the festival brings in a wide range of international artists from multiple genres. The festival needed to portray this scene of vibrance and youth while still relating to the loyal followers of the festival.

  • Project Type: Campaign / Branding
  • Format: Multiple Medium / Photoshop Rederings / Vector Illustrations
  • Year: 2014