Square One Event Invitation

The main goal behind this project was to create a unique invitation to a special event. The invite had to be placed in some form of special packaging. The event I created was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a fictitious design firm named Square One. My concept was to express that after 10 years in the industry, they still had fresh ideas. This in turn guided me to the idea of cooking and then an oven. The oven became the packaging and the invite is housed within. The oven was built and printed on a single sheet, with the rack/pocket sleeve being a separate piece added in.

The invitation was inspired by a vintage cookbook with a modern touch. Vintage stock photos were sourced out to complete the retro feel for this piece as well as extensive research to ensure authentic vintage components for the oven design including knobs, clocks, colours, etc.

  • Project Type: Package Design
  • Format: Custom oven box with accordion-fold invite.
  • Year: 2013