2013 Adobe Investor Report

This project essentially became a year-long assignment that spanned between two separate courses. The initial idea was developed and conceived in the roots of publication design. The assignment called for creating a theme or a concept that would reflect the values of Adobe Systems and to structure and format a simple word document into an annual report. I developed a theme based around merging the real world with the digital world by taking images from all aspects of human life and creating a vector wireframe as a counterpart—thus showing the transition between the two worlds.

The second part of the project then shifted into the technical side which involved developing the remainder of the report and properly preparing files for printing and binding. The finished piece became a beautiful coil-bound report with captivating imagery and openly structured content.

  • Project Type: Publication Design
  • Format: 8"x10" Coil Bound Printed Book
  • Year: 2014