I didn't always know that I belonged in the design world but I've always been able to see the potential in an idea before it has even materialized. My imagination has always been in an accelerated state and when I was growing up, I would always get these grand ideas and I never had a way to utilize them. Becoming a designer has shown me how to channel these thoughts and ideas and actually create something amazing with them. Being able to share my thoughts and ideas with the world is an amazing feeling, even if my name isn't on it I can still take pride in my accomplishments.

My time here at Red River College has been great and it has enabled me to find my place in the design industry. I've taken a great interest in branding and identity work with a focus on logo concept and design. Adobe software has become my greatest asset in my skill building over these two years. Adobe Illustrator is like my right-hand man, and vectoring has since evolved from a task to a passion.

“Seeing my ideas come to life is the greatest reward for me.”



  • Location: Winnipeg, MB
  • Skill Set: Concept Development / Identity / Branding / Vector Rendering / Campaign Development
  • Email: design@jasonbenias.com
  • Résumé: download now